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Understanding The Various Keratosis Pilaris Symptoms

Keratosis Pilaris is a skin disease which is caused due to the excessive production of keratin in the skin. It gives the skin sandpaper like texture and makes reddish patches on the skin, which resemble rashes or acne like bumps. Some of the most common Kertosis Pilaris symptoms are as discussed below: 

-      Rough patches show up on various parts of the body. 

-      The most commonly affected areas of the body by this disease are the back, upper arm, buttocks, thighs and in some cases the face. 

-      This disease can be easily confused with acne, especially when it affects the face of a person. 

-      The probability of the occurrence of this disease is in the adolescents. Almost 50 to 80% of the adolescents around the world are affected by this disease. 

-      The percentage of adults affected by this disease is 40 to 50%, which is fairly less in comparison to the percentage of the adolescents affected by this disease. 

-      In some cases even small children have been observed to have suffered from this disease. 

-      The disease has been observed to be seasonal in nature, with its impact increasing during the winter season and any other part of the year when the humidity levels in the atmosphere go down. The low humidity causes dryness of the skin, which is the main cause of this disease. 

-      Pregnant women are also quite susceptible to this disease. The probability of this disease occurring right after childbirth is also pretty high. 

-      This disease in some cases can have a partial genetic basis as well. 

The attached pictures show the various body parts affected by this disease:

 The appearance of this disease is pretty bad and this is the only scary part of this disease. There are no known harmful or fatal side effects of this disease and thus, the patients can rest assured that they will not suffer from any major mishap or disability due to this disease. Once the Keratosis Pilaris symptoms have been recognized, the best thing to do is to try and keep your skin hydrated at all possible times through various creams and lotions. Home remedies in this regard can also be applied. There is no proper medication available for this disease. The only known treatment for it is skin care.some of the products which can be used for the treatment of this disease have been discussed in this link.